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Launched in 2021, Sunik Group is the culmination of years of hard work, growth, and diversification in the import and export industry. From diversity stems a sustainable future. This is the mindset that led to Sunik Group, which has now been formed as the official parent company of all our ventures. We hope by doing so our clients can better understand where we come from, what we do, and what exactly we can offer them.

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SUNIK Motors

Sunik Motors has 10 dedicated product lines which includes Motorcycles (Scooters, off-road bikes, street bikes, ATV), Tricycles, Helmets, Chains, Sprockets, Batteries, and Spare Parts. Please click below to learn more about our extensive product range.

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Sunik Tires has 12 dedicated product lines which can be divided in to Auto Tires (PCR, OTR, TBR, Agricultural, Industrial), Auto Tubes, Motorcycle Tires (Scooter, Street, Off-Road, Commercial), and Motorcycle Tubes. Please click below to learn more about our extensive product range.

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HI-LUXE Home Appliances

Bright Exports and Almacenes Natacha jointly sell over 60 different types of products. Our primary product category is home appliances which we sell in our own brand HI-Luxe, as well as reputable brands such as Oster, Black & Decker, and Electrolux. Please click below to learn more about our extensive product range.

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HI-LUXE Glassware

HI-LUXE Glassware has a continuously evolving and innovative product catalogue which boasts over 100 different types of drink-ware, tableware, and kitchenware. Please click below to view some highlights of our most exquisite and beautiful glassware products.

Our Retail Stores:
Almacenes Natacha

Launched in Ecuador in 2018, Almacenes Natacha is a retailer and wholesaler of innovative and high-quality home goods. On the right is a video highlighting our retail operations. 



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