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Corporate: About

Launched in 2021, Sunik Group is the culmination of years of hard work, growth, and diversification in the import and export industry.

Where did we begin?

Our first business and groups' pillar, Bright Exports Limited, began operating in 1990 in Hong Kong. The company was formed in a time when international mobility and access to information was not as feasible and instantaneous as it is today. As such, international importers increasingly required experienced intermediaries to handle all their trade needs and benefited from the services we could offer which included product sourcing, quality inspection, shipping, and financing. We primarily focus on the sale of home appliances and our main region of business is South America, where we have served clients since the inception of our firm and have multiple offices in the region to provide our customers with more convenient and personalized service.

Our second pillar, Kayer Limited, was founded in 2001 in Hong Kong and was launched because of our mission to enter the tire industry, one that was untapped and growing in our home market, South America. Today, Kayer Limited, is one of the top exporters of tires (PCR, TBR, OTR) to South America and has strong partnerships with major brands such as GT, GT RADIAL, Dunlop, Mirage, Prinx Chengshan, Hengfeng, and Long March. After working with these brands for over 10 years, Kayer Limited strategically holds exclusivity agreements with many of them, making it the go-to trade partner for those wanting to import these brands of tires in South America.

How we have adapted and diversified over time? 

Building on the success of Kayer Limited and aiming to make further inroads in the South American market, in 2015 we launched Sunik International, a company that specifically specializes in the sale of motorcycles, motorcycle tires, spare parts, and accessories. Headquartered in India (New Delhi), Sunik International has a dedicated team of buyers and sales associates that go above and beyond to provide their clients with high-quality and durable products.

Our latest and most bold venture till date was the launch of Almacenes Natacha, a chain of retail stores that commenced operating in Ecuador (South America) in 2018. We did this as a means of diversifying and growing the business of Bright Exports Limited that until 2018 was solely an exporter of goods to importers in South America. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the local market, one in which we have had a presence for the last 40 years, we endeavored to create a place where consumers could find branded and high-quality household goods at fair prices. Through an omnichannel sales strategy, we sell goods directly to consumers through our website, social media portals, and physical retail stores.


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